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Manufactured : Body Research

Basic substance : Methandienone

Package : 500 Tablets per box

Category : Oral Steroids



DANABOL DS 10MG has an anabolic and androgenic score of 40-60 out of 100. It is probably one of the most synergistic steroids. It is not no basic steroid, it can be used alone in a cycle of steroids. It has an amazing ability to increase the performance of other steroids with which it is combined. That’s why it’s always used with other steroids to get greater effects. This makes it possible to accumulate an impressive muscle mass in just a few weeks.

DANABOL DS 10MG is a steroid that helps very well in recovering the body after intensive workouts and greatly increases strength. Methandienone is not used in defining periods because it has an increased ability to retain water in the body. It is advisable not to have a hyper caloric diet because it can lead to excessive mass gain.


The recommended daily dose is 15-40 mg / day. You need to know that the 15 mg dose enough in the case of the qualitative pills. Because it is one of the world’s most counterfeit steroid, quality is not the same for all manufacturers. Most of the time this steroid is an underground one and the content of the active substance in a pill is somewhat lower than packaging. That’s why we often need to increase the dose with such pills to 40mg / day or even more to get good results.

Beginners will use 15-20mg / day while more experienced athletes will use 30-40mg or even 50mg / day. In combination with other steroids, Dianabol is used at the beginning of injectable cycles because it has the ability to rush the anabolic effects. Other times is used in the middle of cycles to prevent performance capping..

The effect of methandienone lasts 4-5 hours. Therefore it is necessary to use it twice daily to maintain the necessary blood concentration. The Danabol combines very well with Deca-Durabolin.
It is very important to remember that dianbole is taken during or immediately after the meal.

Side effects DANABOL DS

DANABOL DS 10MG Although the action of 5-alpha reductase in a very potent 5-alpha dihydromethandrostenolon, but this reaction occurs in the human body only to a negligible extent. Dianabol is not in itself a little androgenic, so in some cases there is a very strong and gets acne hair loss. In addition, it is important to emphasize the fact that many of the so-called Dianabol black market actually contains high methyltestosterone androgens.

DANABOL DS 10MG is boldenone differs from the alkylation of only 17 atoms, the side effects are much stronger and mainly in the doses of 20-30 mg / day. Although the sensitivity to flavor is lower than that of testosterone, the resulting estrogen 17-alpha methyl estradiol is more potent than estradiol. Water retention and arterial hypertension are therefore quite common, and already at low doses. Take Clomid or Nolvadex during the cycle to minimize these effects. Dianabol is also a 17-alpha alkyl compound, which is very toxic to the liver. Elevations of liver function tests occur at doses greater than 10 mg / day. Although the use of Dianabol is usually associated with good mood positive feelings, at high doses (above 50 mg) can lead to increased aggression.



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