HYGETROPIN 200IU (8IU x 25 Vials) Kit

Manufacturer: Hygene Biopharm

Basic substance: Somatropin

Package: (8IU x 25 Vials)

Category: HGH


Buy HYGETROPIN 200IU (8IU x 25 Vials) Kit

HYGETROPIN 200IU is also termed recombined Human Growth Hormone, or rhGH. It is a hormone that is secreted from the pituitary gland. It stimulates human growth and cell reproduction and regeneration.

Buy HYGETROPIN 200IU is very popular in various sports, because of its ability to reduce subcutaneous fat, increase the growth of dry muscle mass, connective tissues. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of injuries, due to the strengthening of osteo-connective tissues, including tendons and cartilage.The main physiological action of GH is to promote growth and development, and its receptors is distributed in various tissues all over the body. The physiological function of growth hormone is mainly to promote the growth of cartilarges, bones and cells to perform tissue repair and regulate metabolism.

Benefits of HYGETROPIN 200IU

• Increased Muscle Strength
• Better Fracture Healing
• Enhanced Weight Loss
• Stronger Bones
• Reduced Cardiovascular Disease Risk
• Improvement in Erectile Dysfunction
• Decreased Obesity
• Better Mood and Cognitive Function
• Better Sleep


The standard dosing pattern at the beginning of the HGH program is as follows.

  • 4IU per day (2IU in the morning and 2IU in late afternoon) for bodybuilding purposes
  • 2IU per day for anti aging purposes
  • 8IU per day to treat severe burns, cuts, bone damage (short period of time)

Side effects HYGETROPIN 200IU

Possible side effects of excess HGH injections include:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • swelling of the arms and legs from fluid retention (edema)
  • high cholesterol levels
  • numb and tingling skin
  • an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • growth of cancerous tumors
  • growth of facial features, hands, and feet (acromegaly)
  • mood changes, dependency, and withdrawal
  • an enlarged heart
  • low blood sugar
  • liver damage
  • fatigue
  • enlarged breasts in men (gynecomastia)


Keep at 2~8ºC away from light. The reconstituted solution mixed with Sterile Water for injection is advised be stored at 2~8ºC for 48 hours, do not be frozen.


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